Thank you for Reunification

I’ve just returned from watching the Festival of Lights, commemorating the 1989 demonstrations which started the collapse of the Soviet Bloc. Although I must admit I didn’t understand the speeches, I could still feel the poignangcy of the event and what it meant to the people who had braved a cold October evening on Augustusplatz to take part.
from Peter Clubb
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As I’m sure you are aware, German reunification and the Soviet collapse had its roots in the courage of the people of Leipzig. It was they who first stood together to ask for freedom for the German people, and it was their bravery that spread to the rest of the country.

And yet, the demonstrations and reunification were not just important for Germany, but for the whole world. I, as an Englishman, would not be here right now, experiencing the joy of this wonderful city and the enjoying the friendliness of her people, had it not been for the massed Leipzigers more than two decades ago. It is for this reason that I must say thank you to all those who took part, and ask their descendants to never forget or underestimate what they did. Their bravery changed history and allowed not just Eastern Europeans, but all of Europe’s citizens to be free – free to live and work and love this great city. Even though I didn’t understand the speeches, I still felt the sense of joy, of hope, and of the freedom of the event.

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